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In 2016, Nick Goodwin our head of new business was involved with a project in Birmingham that presented a number of different challenges. Although it was a straight forward build that itself didn’t present too many difficulties, much of the focus was given to how the job was carried out and the impact the work could have on the care users themselves.

The end users were a serious consideration for us when we took on this particular project and we were over the moon when we won the contract for the work. It wasn’t that the residence were elderly, they weren’t. The service provided by this particular care home was very specialist, and supported men suffering with long term mental health issues, who often required long term complex care in a locked rehabilitation home. This meant that we had to be particularly sympathetic to our working environment and work very closely with the staff to understand the do’s and don’t. Security was of utmost importance with no movement through doors or the occupied part of the building unless accompanied by a staff member. Working with the care home staff, procedures were put in place ensuring a safe working environment. This enabled us to carry out our work without any delays. It was a fantastic team effort from the team and care home staff and we were proud to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Nick Goodwin – Head of New Business

At the time, Nick photographed the various stages of the extension build, and we present them to you here. Like to know more about the project? You can find the project write-up here on our Care Home Building Contractors page.

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