Read through our construction case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients overcome the challenges often associated with a building project.

With every project having its very own challenges, it’s important to learn from previous jobs to review what went well as well as the areas where improvements could be made. This information can then be communicated to the whole team with lessons learned carried through to the next project. With so many moving parts in the construction industry, there is always room for improvement and Gravitas Build very much adopts a CANI attitude, ‘continuous and never ending improvement’.

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School Washroom Fit-out

School Washroom Design

At Gravitas Build, we specialize in creating school washrooms that are safe, clean, and functional for all users. Through our years of experience, we have developed a strong understanding of the materials and techniques that work best in these high-traffic areas. In this case study, we look at things to consider and provide a guide on how to create durable and functional washroom spaces. Read on to learn more about our approach to school washroom design.

Healthcare Building Contractors

The team have been working together for quite a few years and in 2017 built a large extension to a local Doctors surgery. As healthcare refurbishment contractors its work we find both challenging and rewarding. You can learn about the project here.

Internal Refurbishment Schools

A school refurbishment is a specilised program of works requiring excellent communication between teaching staff, heads of departments and our own project manager and site managemtn team.

Care Home Construction

Care Homes provide services to a group of people considered to be the most vulnerable in society. As builders we have been involved with many care home construction projects and in this case study we we detail just one of the projects Nick Goodwin was involved with back in 2016.

Builders In Birmingham

We love the fact that we are all local builders supporting the local community. Over the years the team have been involved in a number of community projects and in this article you wiill read about a project that one of our Site Supervisors Dennis McDaid worked on a couple of years ago. It will give you an insight into who we are and the sort of projects we do.

Bat Barn Construction

With the conservation of these protected mammals being of utmost importance, man-made roosts placed in areas they are drawn to can provide a stable micro-climate for them to live, but in some cases, man-made structures in the form of Bat Barn Construction are becoming essential in the survival of many bat species…..


Groundworks is the Foundation of a Successful Build –

It is not always the case, but unless building off an existing Foundation, we inevitably have to create a foundation from which to erect the building….


Mechanical Engineering Contractors

M&E Contractors -For some months now we’ve been installing a new heating system at a local School. At a cost of c£1.5million, the job consists of removing the existing heating system which includes all of the existing radiators, pipe work, and boilers as well…


Air Conditioning Units

There’s more to Construction Companies than building!

Definition – Refurbish Verb: To refurbish a building or room means to clean it and decorate it and make it more attractive or better equipped. Simple words “Refurbish a building” but the actual process is something far from simple and in many cases a lot more…



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