Builders in Birmingham

Builders in Birmingham

As a team, the Gravitas lads have been working together a long time and have many years experience, and we’ve worked on some pretty exciting, often very challenging projects. As well as directly employed staff, we’ve also built a database of sub-contractors who are like family to us, efficient, reliable and capable of producing excellent workmanship with testimonials to show customer satisfaction.
As Builders in Birmingham, we cover the whole of the West Midlands and, as a general rule, carry out work within an hour of the city centre.

A unique team of individuals in a family run building company, our management team all have a trade background and have themselves worked out on-site on the tools at various times during their working lives. Coming from a trade background gives them a unique insight into how things work not only regarding their trade but that of the other tradesmen too. As builders Birmingham, working on any site, you will often be working next to carpenters, electricians, gas fitters, plasterers, bricklayers and decorators. By sheer osmosis, you can’t help but pick up hints and tips from the individual tradespeople. As a manager of a building site, this gives you a significant advantage when it comes to getting the best from your tradespeople as you have a good insight into what they do and the daily challenges they face.

The Gravitas team have been working together for some years now, both for Gravitas and previously for other companies. They have worked on some exciting projects. One such project was a local Church Build in the West Midlands, and we’ve put together a brief case study and set up a gallery page here.

Builders Birmingham

Working in construction, the lads are always excited to start a new project; they love the challenge of starting something new; its a very creative process. When it became apparent that they were to undertake some building work on a Birmingham church, their interest certainly spiked.
In the planning stage for many years, the green light was finally given when the church trustees were able to secure the final bit of funding, and at long last, were able to push the button to get things underway.

The building had been in use since the late 1800s and was literally crumbling around the congregation. The structural test carried out suggested that the existing building didn’t have substantial foundations, so making improvements could have been costly with underpinning a certainty.
Formerly an old school building, it had a beautiful vaulted ceiling which though visually pleasing, was hopelessly inefficient when it came to retaining heat in the building.
The proposal was to demolish the original central building replacing it with a modern two-storey building incorporating a mansard roof structure.
Creating a Mansard Roof maximises the use of space in what would typically be a closed-off loft area. The additional space provided a sizeable, flexible area that presented various options to the church; extra office space, storage area or even a place where functions could be held.

Internal View Mansard Roof

At ground floor level the new building provided a much larger hall as well as two new wings allocated to provide storage/meeting rooms as well as a modern kitchen area for food preparation. With the additional space created, a new toilet block was built along with baby changing facilities.
Upstairs, more space allowed for a further meeting area plus a small kitchenette area to support it. Access to the first floor was via a new staircase, and for those with physical impairments or health issues, a lift was also installed.

Site Supervisor, Dennis McDaid was instrumental in helping the project run as smoothly as it did. Now working for Gravitas Build, he remembers the job well.

It was technically a very challenging project with lots of different levels to set and tonnes of steelwork supporting the upper levels and Mansard roof. In addition to the usual preparations we make for any site, we were also aware that we were working very near to the graveyard; within a metre at one point. Recognising this, provision had to be made for those wishing to pay their respects to friends and loved ones whilst work was still being carried out. We also provided appropriate access for the congregation to visit the site so they could see how the work was progressing.

The lads took lots of photographs of the project as it progressed. Rather than go into the nitty-gritty detail of every aspect of the build, we’ve adopted that age-old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” and let the project gallery tell the rest of the story.

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