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Woodside Library at Black Country Living Museum

Step into a world where history is reborn! Join Gravitas Build Ltd. in a groundbreaking project as we breathe new life into the iconic Woodside Library at BCLM. Witness the fusion of heritage and modern engineering in this extraordinary venture. Click to explore how we're reconstructing a 19th-century masterpiece for the future.

Heritage Building Contractors

Jami Masjid Smethwick – Timelapse Update

In an industry where overcoming challenges is part of the every day, a unique project stands out in Smethwick - the construction of the Jami Masjid. A confined site, complex ground conditions, and an ambitious vision made this an extraordinary endeavour. How did our team transform these obstacles into opportunities? A captivating timelapse video provides a window into this architectural marvel's creation. Join us as we pull back the curtain on the remarkable journey behind the construction of Jami Masjid Smethwick.

Steel Frame Building

Al-Abbas Islamic Centre – Update

In a significant step forward, our team has achieved a major milestone as one of the major Construction Companies in Birmingham, in the construction of the new Mosque in Birmingham. With the pouring of 135 cubic metres of concrete, we are not just laying the foundation of a structure, but the foundation of a legacy. This article pays tribute to the hard work, dedication, and the unwavering spirit of our team members who have made this possible.

Concrete to Mosque foundations

Bob Heywood joins Gravitas

We have exciting news for the Gravitas Build community! As we grow, we're committed to enhancing our team with skilled professionals. With that in mind, we're thrilled to welcome our new Procurement Manager, Bob Heywood, an industry veteran whose experience and expertise will greatly contribute to our projects and company growth.

Bob Heywood arrives at Gravitas Build Ltd

Warehouse Construction Contractors

We're constructing a new 10,000 sq ft warehouse facility using innovative techniques for ground retention, including sheet piling and pre-formed concrete retaining wall sections. As the principal contractor, we're excited to overcome challenges and provide our clients with additional warehousing they need. The facility will have external finishes and landscaping that blend in with the surrounding industrial estate.

Trench Shoring

Al-Abbas Islamic Centre

Construction Underway: Gravitas Build Begins Foundation Work on Al-Abbas Islamic Centre. A monumental achievement marking years of hard work and collaboration with the community. This exciting news marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre, as well as for Gravitas Build. Get the latest update and see how you can be a part of this historic project

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Mosque Building Contractors

Jami Masjid Smethwick is to get a New Home! Get a sneak peek into the design, construction, and completion details of this modern yet sympathetic building. Learn about the project's timeline, safety measures, and the impact on the surrounding area. Click now to learn more!

Mosque Builders Birmingham

Education Refurbishment

The process of modernizing school facilities to improve the learning environment and meet the needs of students and teachers is challenging at the best of times. We have completed numerous refurbishments, including renovations, repairs, and new construction incorporating sustainability measures like energy efficiency and water conservation. Our article discusses the importance of proper planning and considers how sustainability can be built into the project to future-proof a school.

Planning an Education Refurbishment

Veterinary Practice Refurbishment

We're delighted to have been appointed as the main contractor to refurbish the new home of Powis & Partners Veterinary Practice. Work starts in the new year, and the team will definitely be raising a glass or two over Christmas to celebrate the great news.

Specialist Veterinary Contractors

Steel Frame Buildings

With companies expanding and a big push on effeciency within the workplace, we've seen a surge in Industrial Buildings. Read about our latest project, a new building industrial building in Aldridge.

Contractors for Industrial Buildings

Building Refurbishment Contractors

With the summers holidays comes a surge in activity as the schools take a break from teaching future generations allowing huge amounts of building and refurbishment works to take place,

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School Refurbishment

With outdoor spaces becoming even more critical over the last couple of years, a Birmingham School contacted us earlier this year regarding some alterations that would definitely come under the heading of school refurbishment.Best described as a brick shed, the...

school refurbishment west midlands

Warehouse Construction Company

So often, when a project gets to site, it's easy for passers-by to cast a judgemental eye at how quick or slow a building project takes to complete. As a warehouse construction company, we know how fast this type of bulding can be constructed, but to the uneducated...

Industrial Buildings

Lighthouse Team Jump For Joy

Birmingham Construction Company revisits Dudley Community Centre Dudley Community Church is an integral part of the local community offering support services to those in need. And where the individual's needs go beyond what the church can offer, just across the car...

Birmingham Building Company

Warehouse Fitout

Warehouse Fit Out West Midlands We're always on the lookout for good news in the construction industry and where we can create our own, even better. With this in mind, we're happy to announce that we were recently appointed as the Principal Contractor to run a £1m...

Warehouse Refurbishment Birmingham

It’s a clean sweep for Birmingham Builders

Education Washroom Refurbishment - The last few months have been tough for everyone with COVID-19 taking its toll on individuals, families and the economy. In a world of virtual handshakes, Zoom meetings and remote working, it's been a challenging time.For the team...

School Washroom Refurbishment

Build Build Build

As a construction company its not uncommon for us to have strong opinions on what we do. So when the Channel 5 News team approached us for an interview we were only too happy to oblige.

Care Home Refurbishment

Together for many years, the team here at Gravitas Build have worked across most sectors. Care Home Refurbishment is a challenging sector which requires tradespeople with cross-trade experience of maintenance, building and M&E.

Builders Near Me

Builders Near Me! In years gone by, if you needed a supplier, you had a couple of choices, Daltons Weekly, Yellow Pages or maybe Thompsons Local; how the world has changed. In this modern era of computers, the laptop, desktop or smartphone is the preferred work...


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