Woodside Library at Black Country Living Museum

Woodside Library

Rebuilding History: Woodside Library at BCLM

A Journey Back to the 1960s with Gravitas Build Ltd.

We at Gravitas Build Ltd. are thrilled to unveil our latest project, the careful and considered reconstruction of the iconic Woodside Library, at the Black Country Living Museum (BCLM).

Hailing from its original location on Stourbridge Road, Woodside, Dudley, this library has been a cornerstone of the community since its establishment in 1893. As a beacon of knowledge and community engagement, it played an instrumental role, especially during the transformative 1960s era.

While we weren’t involved in the monumental task of dismantling the library, we’re diving into the meticulous task of sorting through every brick that was previously labelled and stored with immense care, awaiting this moment of rebirth. It’s awe-inspiring to see each brick preserved, and our dedicated team is ensuring they’re placed just right. And, in keeping with tradition, lime mortar will be used to hold everything in place, staying true to the original essence of the library.

“We’re excited to bring Woodside Library back to the Black Country and welcome a new generation through its doors,” commented Andrew Lovett OBE, Chief Executive at Black Country Living Museum. “A once derelict building without a sustainable use has been given a new lease of life. It provides a new stage for our storytelling and will once again be of great value to the local community and visitors to the Museum.”

For Gravitas Build Ltd., the Woodside Library project transcends traditional construction. Every brick we meticulously sort through carries the weight of history and the imprints of countless stories. Our collaboration with BCLM underscores a shared commitment to precision, preserving the soul of this iconic building.

Nick Goodwin, Head of New Business, noted, “This is not just about bricks and mortar. It’s about piecing together fragments of a community’s history and ensuring that the Woodside Library stands as a testament to the legacy it represents.”

Stay connected as we blend the old with the new, honouring Woodside Library’s past while laying the foundation for its future.

View our progress gallery here.

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