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With Health & Safety playing a vital role in the setup, and ongoing management of any construction site, we are happy to wave the flag as accredited members of CHAS, the Construction Health & Safety Scheme. Renewed annually, membership of CHAS is dependant upon our ability to demonstrate a high level of competency, confidence and commitment in providing a safe working environment for our onsite staff and contractors.

All industries have risks associated with them, and although the construction industry has seen vast improvements over the years, it’s still considered one of the most dangerous industries in which to work. That said, government statistics show that fatalities for the year 18/19 were the lowest on record at 30, and while this is encouraging, it’s still 30 too many.
The following tables are taken from the government statistics for the year 18/19


As construction workers, we all must take responsibility for making building sites safer places to work by abiding by the rules laid out by the management team. All new visitors will be given a site induction by the management team to ensure they have a full understanding of the site rules along with welfare provision and emergency procedures.

Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan

One of the documents we use to help with this process is the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan. The plan covers many of the aspects that could impact on the safe running of a project. Available to all operatives and management, the document is kept on-site at all times and updated as the site progresses.

The  will typically cover:

  • Project details
  • Location
  • Scope of works
  • Details of project team
  • Programme
  • Existing records and plans
  • Management of the work
  • Management structure
  • Management responsibilities
  • Health & safety goals for the project
  • Clients project objectives
  • Arrangements for monitoring and review of health & safety performance
  • Regular liaison between contractors on-site
  • Consultation with the workforce
  • Site safety information
  • Exchange of design information and design changes
  • Selection and control of contractors
  • Site security
  • Site inductions and on-site training
  • Welfare facilities
  • First aid
  • Reporting and investigation of accidents and near misses
  • Risk assessments and safe systems of work
  • Site rules
  • Fire and emergency procedures
  • Location of nearest accident and emergency department
  • Arrangements for controlling significant site safety risks
  • Delivery and removal of materials to site
  • Services: water, gas, electricity
  • Adjacent land use
  • Impact on other neighbours
  • Delivery times / restrictions on working
  • Excavations
  • Temporary works 21
  • Working at height/preventing falls on site.
  • Controlling of lifting operations
  • Maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Traffic routes; segregation of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Storage of hazardous materials and work equipment
  • Arrangements for controlling significant site health risks
  • Asbestos
  • Manual handling
  • Use of hazardous substances
  • Reducing noise and vibration
  • Arrangements for providing health and safety information
  • Responsibilities

The construction industry has a reputation for being male orientated, particularly where the trades are concerned out on on-site. Generally speaking, the lads just want to get on with their work and earn their money, but occasionally, to do this, H&S has been known to be overlooked by them. As a management team, we have rigorous procedures in place to ensure health and safety is always at the top of our agenda. We operate a Green, Amber and Red card approach to H&S, and through education, guidance and toolbox talks we help to keep all site operatives informed of hazards and any safety issues. It’s a positive approach that we believe is leading to a definite reduction in the risks associated with the industry, and to date, our approach has been successful.

Ian Booth – Project Manager

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