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Church Building Contractors reach project milestone.

As 2020 gets well underway, Christmas seems a distant memory. As Church Building Contractors, it’s nice to get an excellent start to a new year and for the lads, get a few weeks of good honest graft under their belt’s. And over at our Dudley project, they have made real progress in pushing the job forward no matter what the weather has thrown at them (which has been quite a bit actually). We were hoping to get the roof installed before Christmas, but the weather had different ideas. Wet day after wet day pushed the brick and blockwork back to such a degree that we just had to accept defeat and hope the new year brought new dryer weather. It didn’t, but the lads managed to push forward and take advantage of whatever dry days we had and maximised their productivity. It was a tough few weeks, but they managed to get us into a position where we could see a few dry days in the forecast and move to the next phase of the build, the installation of the roof.
With the crane arriving as planned, the steels and roof trusses were lifted into place ready for the carpenters to work their magic. Over the next couple of weeks, the trusses will be positioned and braced, fascias, soffits and guttering installed and the roof covering finished off giving us a dry building. Once in this position, we can start the internal fit-out, something we’ve all been looking forward to for some time.

A heartfelt thanks!

Construction is challenging at the best of times and impossible to do without a great team of people around you. Luckily, we work with some truly talented, motivated people, but we also acknowledge that without great suppliers, life can get challenging. With this in mind, we’d like to say a big thank you to Spencer Hunt of Vittoria Steel Fabricators and his lads Mike and Martio for their help, along with ABA Crane Hire who pulled out all the stops to help us with this phase of the project.
Going forward, our Head of New Business Nick Goodwin will be adding the fifth video in the series showcasing the Dudley Community Centre project so please watch out for that.
You can keep up with the progress of the project by visiting our project gallery here.

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