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Al-Abbas Islamic Centre – Birmingham

The Gravitas Build team is thrilled to announce the start of the foundation work for the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre project. After years of preparation, hard work and dedication, the moment has finally arrived to break ground and begin the first phase of construction. This marks a significant milestone in the journey to bring the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre to life and provide a new home for the local community. And as a team, we are so excited to be on-site and to see the project take shape as the foundation work gets underway.

Ground works and Piling Foundations

Spread across an area of 2295 square metre’s, this stage marks the beginning of the construction of the main building. The foundation work involves the installation of 290 insitu-concrete piles, which will provide the necessary stability and support for the building.
To further strengthen the structure, pile caps will be placed atop the piles and will support the main steel frame building. The pile caps will be connected by a lattice of ring beams that span the external profile of the building, providing support for the exterior brick and block work and connecting internally to provide support for the hollow beam floors and internal brick and block work. This innovative foundation design, utilising insitu-concrete piles, will ensure the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre stands strong and steadfast for years to come.
The Al-Abbas Islamic Centre project is a shining example of the power of collaboration and community spirit. The local community and construction team have worked tirelessly to reach this stage, and now it’s time to watch the project take shape and come to life. With the foundation work underway, the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Like to keep up to date with the project? We’ve created a progress Gallery here which includes time-lapse videos as the project goes through the various build stages.

As the construction project gets underway, we recognise that it’s not only a significant milestone for the local community but also for local tradespeople and suppliers.

Construction Services Birmingham – Want to supply us?

As the construction work continues, local businesses will have opportunities to provide materials and services for the project. By supporting local suppliers and tradespeople, Gravitas Build is committed to boosting the local economy and creating jobs for the community. If you are a supplier or trade-sperson interested in participating in this exciting project, please visit our “Supply Us” page on our website.
We look forward to working with you and making the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre project a success for everyone involved.

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