Mosque Construction – Aerial View

Construction of Mosque in Smethwick

A Soaring Update on the Expansion of Jami Masjid Smethwick: Roof Installation Nears Completion

We are thrilled to bring you a soaring update from the heart of Smethwick, where the expansion of Jami Masjid Smethwick reached a pivotal milestone. Through our latest drone footage, we’ve captured the evolving structure of the mosque, highlighting the near completion of the roof installation and the upcoming window fittings. This marks a critical step towards finalizing this phase of our construction journey.

Located on Lewisham Road, the mosque is undergoing a transformative extension to cater to the growing needs of the local, vibrant community. This latest progress will undoubtedly excite everyone keenly following the project, signalling that we are incredibly close to completing a fully waterproof building.

As we forge ahead with this significant endeavour, we invite you to stay connected and join us on this remarkable journey. By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you’ll get a front-row seat to the transformation unfolding before us. 

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