Veterinary Practice Refurbishment

PowisVets – a ‘purr-fectly’ transformative journey

In the heart of Stourbridge, the newly rebranded PowisVets, previously known as Powis & Partners, emerges as a beacon of modern veterinary care. The transformation journey, led by Pippa Adams, the practice’s lead veterinary surgeon and partner, has been one of innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to animal welfare.

A Nod to the Past: The Original Practice

The original practice, situated in a building initially used as a house, a police station, and finally, a veterinary practice in 1986, is just a stone’s throw away from the new site.

“Our old location had its unique charm”, reminisces Pippa. However, the limited space, with just two consultation rooms, an operating theatre, and a cramped preparation area, posed significant challenges.

The New Facility: A Leap Forward in Veterinary Care

The new facility on Platts Road, neighbouring Little Lobster’s Play Centre, is a marvel of veterinary design, addressing the previous location’s limitations. It features multiple consultation rooms, an isolation room, and separate kennels for dogs and cats, enhancing animal comfort and welfare. Adams highlights, “The transformation has been dramatic. The new larger kennels, the centrally located pharmacy, and the streamlined operations have significantly reduced stress for everyone involved.”

The Transformation Journey: Challenges and Innovations

Key to this transformation was the role of Gravitas Build and their Site Manager, Gordon Terry. Gordon, described by Adams as the “arrowhead” of the project, was pivotal in steering the myriad changes and challenges that arose. “The Gravitas team, especially Gordon and Mick, were superb,” says Pippa. “Their ability to incorporate significant changes into the existing plan while keeping everything on track was remarkable.”

A significant turning point in the project came from Steven Butcher, Commercial Director at Gravitas, who proposed adding an additional first floor. “

“This was a game-changer for us,” admits Pippa. “It provided us with valuable storage space and potential for future office expansion.”

Enhancing Operations and Animal Welfare

The emphasis on hygiene with easy-to-clean panels, operational efficiency with the practice now mostly on one level, and staff welfare with improved facilities has transformed how PowisVets operates. The inclusion of a locker room, a staff room, and first-floor offices has created a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Community Integration: The Role of Parking and Local Engagement

Parking, a challenge in this bustling retail area of Stourbridge, was turned into an opportunity with the introduction of Dave, the friendly parking attendant. Pippa affectionately notes, “Dave has become more than an attendant; he is a part of the PowisVets family, welcoming clients and directing them to available parking spaces. He’s become a fixture in the local community.”

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Ahead

In summary, the transformation of PowisVets from a cramped and historic building to a state-of-the-art veterinary practice is a testament to the vision of Pippa Adams and the expertise of Gravitas Build. Pippa concludes, “Choosing Gravitas was a leap of faith, but one that paid off handsomely. Their communication, adaptability, and dedication have been instrumental in realizing our dream.” As PowisVets continues to evolve, it remains a proud and integral part of the Stourbridge community, embodying a bright and caring future for animal health.


It was truly insightful revisiting PowisVets and seeing how they were using their new facility. You can see the transformation in our gallery, capturing the journey from inception to completion. It’s a visual testament to the practice’s progress, highlighting the enhanced environment for both the team and their animal companions. This gallery not only reflects the physical transformation but also embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that defines PowisVets. It’s an invitation to see the difference compassionate care and state-of-the-art facilities make in the world of veterinary medicine.



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