Steel Frame Buildings

It’s been a busy time for us here at Gravitas Build over the last few months, with the lads pulling out all the stops to ensure projects in the education sector are handed over in time for the schools to open in September. Even so, there is always capacity for more, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been appointed to construct a 5000 square foot steel frame building in Aldridge, just outside of Birmingham.
The unit is to house a new machine costing £100’s of thousands of pounds which the company hopes will increase their capacity hugely. The machine is scheduled to be delivered and installed later this year, so we’re working to a pretty tight program, but it’s a challenge we’re happy to meet.

Steel Frame Buildings – extensions

As steel frame buildings go, it’s average in size, with a footprint of approximately 17.2m x 25.6 and 7.3 metres high.
Concrete pads are specified as the main foundations with protruding bolts to enable the steel frames to be bolted into place. The main working area will consist of a concrete floor spanning the whole area, which will be laid in situ and sitting on top of the concrete pads, pretty standard for this type of build.

Externally, the whole structure is protected from the elements with a low-level perimeter wall lapped with insulated external panels to the wall and roof, giving a pleasing exterior finish.
The new industrial building runs parallel to and up against the existing units. Access from the old to the new facility will be via doorways created in the existing external walls.
With a flat footprint, it should be a straightforward build and one that we are looking forward to.

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