Al-Abbas Islamic Centre – Steel Frame Building – Timelapse Update

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Structural Ingenuity Unveiled: Al-Abbas Islamic Centre’s Steelwork Erection Documented in Timelapse

Birmingham – As a leading building contractor in the commercial construction sector, we are pleased to share a significant milestone in the construction of the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre in Birmingham through our latest timelapse video. This visual record provides a detailed portrayal of the construction of the building’s steel framework, an intricate task entailing the handling of 240 tonnes of steel. It highlights our commitment to engineering accuracy, rigorous compliance with safety standards, and architectural sophistication.

Architectural Choreography in Steel

This timelapse video displays the careful construction of the steel structure, showing the attention to detail that goes into a part of the building that forms the skeleton of the total structure. It is ironic in many ways, as the steel frame won’t be visible once the mosque is complete. With its intricate design, you can see how the steel beams are connected, including placing a sizeable 4-tonne beam and raising a long 14-metre beam into place. This process forms the strong base of the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre, showcasing Gravitas Build’s skill in thorough planning and building.

Uncompromising Commitment to Safety and Construction Integrity

The timelapse distinctly emphasizes our unwavering commitment to safety and exceptional construction quality. The on-site team, led by Dennis McDaid, ensures comprehensive safety standards are adhered to, providing an incident-free work environment while optimizing project timelines. With regular visits from our appointed external Health and safety company, our commitment to H & S safeguards our workforce, fosters quality and mirrors our promise to deliver quality in every project phase.

Constructing a Nexus for Community and Spirituality

The erection of this steel infrastructure transcends traditional construction; it signifies the conceptualization of a novel community and spiritual nucleus. Each beam and fastener, methodically positioned, contributes to a space destined to foster communal harmony, spiritual enrichment, and tranquillity.

Gravitas Build: A Beacon of Construction Excellence

This timelapse represents Gravitas Build’s dedication to construction superiority and our commitment to bolstering community life. The Al-Abbas Islamic Centre is on course to become a pivotal cultural and spiritual landmark in Birmingham.

Engage with Our Ongoing Developments

We invite professionals and enthusiasts alike to observe the continuous progress of the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre. Visit our project gallery for the latest progress pictures.




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