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Known throughout the area, Dudley Community Church has for many years been an integral part of the community and offers support services that go way beyond the Sunday Service from a building just across the carpark, and known locally as Dudley Counselling Centre.

The building, previously a public house, “The British Oak” and known for its real ale, was converted in 2003 and had since been offering services to the community that include:

  • Counselling
  • Food Bank
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Money Management Advice
  • Addiction support
  • Play therapy

The success of the centre meant an increase in visitors, and it was apparent that the layout of the building, suitable as Public House, didn’t lend itself to providing the most efficient space as a community centre, nor was it able to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers requiring the centre’s support.

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The proposal was to demolish the existing building and replace it with a purpose-built facility capable of delivering the services so very much needed by the local community.

Paul Rees of  Harper Sperrings, Dudley, created the initial designs and planning drawings and has done an excellent job of designing a centre with a look and feel that incorporates many contemporary design features while balancing the needs of the local planning officers.



Behind all such plans, there is generally a church committee, a dedicated bunch of individuals who selflessly set aside their own time to breath life into the projects so desperately needed, and this one has been no exception. With many doors knocked, letters delivered, and handshakes made, the committee was finally in a position to move forward with the build having raised the required funds. It was then just a case of filing through the church construction companies to find a building company that fit the bill.

There are 100’s of building companies out there, but for us, we became involved with the project back in 2017 when first visited the site. After numerous meetings and a rigorous vetting process, we were delighted to be appointed to carry out the work.

Design and Build project, we will be responsible for the design and specification of the external and internal finishes as well as the M&E design and installation.

The new building which will be known as the Lighthouse Centre will be able to accommodate up to 90 people as well as the additional support staff needed. With increased floor space, more thought could be given to the layout ensuring a better user experience, with segregated areas providing the privacy required when offering such sensitive services. You can see the floor layout in our gallery here.

Having worked on similar projects myself, I know the difference centres like this can make, and I look forward to working with the church committee in delivering their new building.

Ian Booth – Project Manager

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Land needs to be engineered due to mines in Dudley area
Builders get trenches ready for concrete to form foundations
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This project is now complete but we thought it would be interesting to head back over to The Lighthouse Centre to see how the building was being used and meet the staff that are using it.

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