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With the team working together for so many years, even before the formation of Gravitas Build, it was no surprise when in 2018, as church building contractors, one of our colleagues received a phone call from a representative acting on behalf of an International Christian denomination. The organisation is a global network of churches founded in 1983 with congregations in 65 countries, and they had big ideas for a new church in Birmingham.

The proposal was to take a disused factory unit in Birmingham, turning it into a significant place of worship, celebration and teaching with a seating capacity for the main congregation of 650 plus.

The building itself provided a vast space that allows the imagination to run wild with possibilities; it’s not quite as big as the halls at the NEC, but with over 2000 square meters to play with, you get a real sense of just how big this place of worship will be.

Having so much space presents its challenges, and after considerable deliberation, the design committee proposed splitting the space into five main self-contained areas.

There were quite a few variations from the original scope of works but as church building contractors we’re used to that. One of the first changes was to introduce a floor over the teenager’s church and book store. The flooring was installed initially to future proof the building but was soon put to use when the committee saw the opportunity to erect offices on the additional space created.

We’ve been working with the organisation for a little time now, and are very excited to finally get the go-ahead on what will be a challenging, but gratifying project.

Ian Booth – Project Manager

There were lots of other notable changes to our scope of works on this project with another large one being the addition of soundproofing to the central worship hall ceiling.

Church Building Contractors
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The five main self-contained areas would include:

  • five children’s churches with children’s reception
  • a teen church
  • office space & storage
  • a large foyer in which to welcome the congregation
  • main hall
  • Children’s church

With a housing estate quite close by, any noise seepage needed to be below 35 decibels, and with a congregation of 650 plus, the sound of joyful celebration and singing needed to be minimal for the sake of the neighbours.
Our part of the contract ended when we handed the reigns back to the clients’ team for the final fit-out.

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