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Jami Masjid Smethwick

Welcome to the project development page for the construction of the Jami Masjid Smethwick. The new building will be located on the corner of Lewisham Road and Mafeking Road, on land occupied by the current place of worship and a piece of derelict land between the existing building and the Providence Sanctuary Church.

Phase one of the development, the smaller portion of the overall project, will consist of a two-storey building with a mirrored design from the ground to the first floor. Each floor will benefit from one large and one small multi-purpose room and a toilet block.

The building will be constructed with traditional methods incorporating a steel portal frame as the framework and brick and block cavity walls for the outer skin. External window and door openings will be formed with a soldier course of bricks for decorative purposes, and in some areas, Gothic arches will be incorporated. The building will have a flat roof protected by a decorative dwarf wall.

 Once completed, the new development will:

  • Extend current male prayer space to accommodate growing numbers
  • Provide a dedicated female space for our mothers and sisters
  • Designate areas for young people to include recreational areas
  • Offer purpose-built, modern classroom facilities to develop and increase the capacity and breadth of educational programs for children, young adults and men and women
  • Conferencing facilities to cater for unique Islamic events and programs


The external landscaping will be designed to be sympathetic to the surrounding area, with elements of grass and shrubs where appropriate and access to the building via slabbed ramps.

The site will be protected at all times with appropriate fencing and plywood hoarding as necessary. The typical working hours will be from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, with occasional work on weekends as required. Efforts will be made to minimize noise and dust, but if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Deliveries will be coordinated to arrive at quieter times of the day to minimize disruption to traffic.

The site will be permanently staffed during working hours, and anyone approaching the site must abide by the rules. Construction is set to begin in February 2023 with a project duration for the entire project of 40 weeks. However, this first phase is programmed for 26 weeks.

Please note that parking for our workforce has been arranged off-road and should therefore have minimal impact on the local community.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to us.

For further information about the project, see our FAQs below.

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Q: Will the site be permanently staffed?

A: Yes, if work is being carried out on site, there will be a representative of Gravitas Build available. Please abide by site rules if approaching the site.

Q: When does work commence?

A: 27th February 2023

Q: What's the duration of the project?

A: The work is scheduled for 40 weeks.

Q: Will parking be affected?

A: Parking spaces have been allocated to our workforce away from the main roads, so hopefully, there will be minimal disruption to on-street parking.

Q: Are you using any noisy machinery?

​A: The nature of construction means that some tools can be noisy. However, we will try to keep this to a minimum.

Q: What are your working hours?

A: Typically, we work between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Occasionally it might be necessary to work Saturdays and Sundays, but this will be a rare occurrence.

Q: Where can I make donations?

A: Donations can be made at our donations page here 

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