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Wilden Industrial Estate Gets New Warehouse Facility

Welcome to the project page for the construction of the new warehousing facility at Wilden Industrial Estate in the West Midlands.
Work commenced in early March 2023 and has a projected completion date of October 2023.
The warehouse will provide approx. 8,300 cubic meters of storage capacity, a means of deliveries to be received and dispatched via large doors, and ample parking for those working there.


The Wilden Industrial Estate is nestled in a semi-rural area between Kidderminster, Stourport, and Hartlebury, with excellent connectivity to the A442/A449 Hoobrook Island and the broader West Midlands Motorway network.

Construction Challenges

We anticipate several ground-related challenges during the construction process. Firstly, the existing foul waste pipes servicing over 25 buildings must be redirected. The nature of the land and the depth of the existing foul pipes pose many health and safety-related challenges, with depths of up to 7.5 metres reached.
In addition, because of the soil makeup, techniques to compact the ground will be employed. This will generally involve repeatedly driving over the ground with a specialist roller designed to vibrate as it moves.
Also, as the area for the new warehouse is to be constructed on a sloping site, a large part of the ground had to be excavated. This created various levels high enough to require retaining walls to hold back the soil. These walls will be constructed using sheet piling and in-situ cast retaining walls.

Main Building Construction

The main structure of the warehouse will be a steel portal frame building supported on concrete pad foundations. Between each pad and running around the perimeter of the building, strip foundations will provide a solid base for all brick and blockwork. Insulated cladding will be used to decorate the external facade of the building. It will also offer protection against the weather. It has been designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings. The steel structure will be manufactured off-site by a specialist fabrication company and assembled on-site by a specialist team, ensuring precision, safety, and efficiency.

Exterior and Interior Features

The building will include two large loading doors for efficient delivery and dispatch, fire exits strategically placed around the building for emergencies, and a brickwork extension at the front providing staff entrance, canteen, and office space. Internally, a polished concrete floor slab will offer a level, durable surface for storage racking and forklift truck operations.

Health and Safety

Comprehensive health and safety measures will be adopted throughout the construction process, particularly during the excavation to relocate the foul pipes and the erection of the steel portal frame building itself.

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Warehouse Plans
Site Clearance for Warehouse
Preparing for foul drain redirection
Construction Site Preparation


Q: Will the site be permanently staffed?

A: Yes, if work is being carried out on site, there will be a representative of Gravitas Build available. Please abide by site rules if approaching the site.

Q: When does work commence?

A: 1st March 2023

Q: What's the duration of the project?

A: We are scheduled to complete the work by by October end 2023

Q: What are your working hours?
A: Typically, we work between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Occasionally it might be necessary to work Saturdays and Sundays, but this will be a rare occurrence.
Q: Will parking be affected?

A: No, there will be no impact on local residence with ample parking availble on the industrial estate.

Q: Are you using any noisy machinery?

A: The nature of construction means that some tools and machines can be noisy. However, with local residence being some distance away from the site, we expect the impact of any noise to be minimal.

Q: Are you likely to be creating dust?

A: Again, all the work is some distance away from local residence so we don’t anticpate any problems. Please get in touch with us should dust become an issue for you.

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