Healthcare Refurbishment

As healthcare professionals, you probably run a successful NHS Medical Practice, which is a thriving part of the community. However, deep down, you know the practice could do so much more for the people you serve, if only you had more room or more modern facilities.
The ability to have additional space or consultation rooms provides choices to expand the practice that you might not currently have. With a trend towards medical centres rather than Dr’s surgeries, space will be a critical factor in providing the right facilities and services to your end-users and to that end, Gravitas Build can help.

How we help

Here at Gravitas Build, we know that without the right people, it’s impossible to deliver excellence. That’s why we’ve recruited construction professionals who have the experience you’re looking for when refurbishing your medical practice.

Working in a healthcare environment presents challenges not frequently experienced with other construction projects. Often, the surgery will be in the heart of the community surrounded by the homes of the people they serve. Usually, the construction work takes place next to the building it will eventually be connected to, requiring seamless planning and coordination between the multitude of existing service providers.

Fortunately, with our specialist team of contractors in place, we’ll be taking the project through the various stages of construction, mechanical and electrical installation, fit-out and decoration. 



Health & Safety

Moreover, as healthcare contractors, we’ve plenty of experience in dealing with the various challenges associated with working in a busy, live, surgery. Health & Safety is always a concern, but having a well tested, rigorous construction phase H&S plan in place will help to mitigate the majority of any risk.

 As part of H&S house-keeping, we will write to the local community to update them with project details. Also, as part of our process, we’ll create a project page on our website answering the F.A.Q’s, as well as communicating the work being carried out. Contact details of the project team are also included on the project page. 

Our experience shows through

We can offer:

  • Extensive healthcare construction and refurbishment capabilities
  • Staff experienced at working in live healthcare environments
  • Customer care trained contractors
  • The highest quality delivered for your budget
  • Reassurance and peace of mind

As a team we have worked together for many years, working on a variety of projects. Under the banner of Gravitas Build Ltd that same team brings with it a wealth of experience. In 2017 the team were involved with the construction of an extension to a local doctors surgery and we’ve created a case study on how we as Healthcare Refurbishment Contractors dealt with some of the challenges that project presented.

Take the first step to removing risk from your healthcare or hospital renovation, refurbishment or facilities maintenance by putting it in our safe hands. Call us on 0121 403 3693 or email us here.

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