Commercial Boiler Installation

Known throughout the West Midlands for our Construction prowess, few people know that our roots were forged in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. As a team, we’ve completed some notable projects that extend back way before Gravitas Build was ever conceived, and M&E is still a large part of our annual turn over.

In the UK, our weather is determines the need for efficient, reliable heating systems. And as the owner or user of a commercial building, nursing home, care home, school, or industrial unit, you need a heating system you can trust. There is nothing worse than turning up for work on a Monday morning ready to take on the world and being met by an icy cold office or workspace. As inconvenient as that is, far worse is owning or running a care home, or nursing home where maintaining a steady temperature isn’t just a luxury, it’s a potential lifesaver. And what if you run a school, sending 1500 pupils home for lack of warmth isn’t going to be a popular choice!

Commercial Heating Systems

The modern boilers and central heating systems that we all benefit from at home have been used in the commercial sector since the 1950’s, and looking at some commercial heating systems still in existence, they are better suited to being on show in the local museum than in commercial premises.
When you are responsible for looking after the welfare and comfort of people, either as an employer, carer, educator or service provider, you are obliged to keep their environment comfortable, safe and warm. No longer considered a luxury, more a necessity, there are guidelines to which you must adhere. Rest assured, with modern 21st-century boilers operating more economical than ever, a new boiler isn’t going to break the bank.

Our Process

As commercial boiler installer’s our team have years of experience at planning, procuring and mobilising large heating installations in a variety of sectors, be it schools, care & nursing homes, offices, NHS buildings or industrial buildings. We know that working with key staff and business managers is critical if we are to ensure a successful installation. Good communication and planning are imperative, and our engineers will hold regular meetings with decision-makers, practice managers and heads of departments to ensure a smooth-running project.
The size of the project, how the building is used, and the number of people that use it, determines our strategy. Where required, a temporary boiler will be installed to ensure a seamless transition between old and new. You can expect zero downtime for the services you provide.

Quality Boilers Designed for Commercial Applications

With a full design service available, our engineers can create the perfect heating system for your premises and the people that use them. State of the art software makes the design teams life much easier these days and when combined with years of experience, intuition and the practical know-how for what makes things work, we believe our experienced design team have the edge.
With all Boiler Manufacturers available to use, we can fine-tune the best configuration for your needs.

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